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Hey! Stop scrolling and check this out. That was the idea behind this new video opening. 

This open was to be used as part of a continuing series coving a wide range of trending topics. To match the ever-changing subjects being shown the introduction needed to offer similar versatility. The idea would be to introduce a different set of images and words to represent the topic being presented in each video. 

The challenge was we need to balance changing content and still present a consistent brand aesthetic. It needed to be recognizable but unique to each video in the series. 

In the end, this opening needed to grab your attention visually while sparking understanding and interest in what was to come. We wanted to tease new subjects in each video but not recreate the wheel each time. A motion graphic template was created incorporating quick transitions, images, and branded colors that could all be quickly adjusted.



TopLine MD

Project Type:

Motion Graphic Template

My Role:

Design & Template Build

The Build

Knowing that the intro needed versatility to just about every aspect of the design it was built as a fairly robust template. Shape layers were used to give full-color control of logos. All the images were designed in frames that could be used as a photo, tinted photo, or solid color. Titles and text layers were rigged to space and resize with different content.  








What this needed was a personal touch to every video. A consistent look but unique open each time the graphic is used. The title sequence would bring energy and tease the video subject matter in place of a traditional cold open. A branded cold-open template was the result.



Key Color Adjustments:

Open & Close Logos
All Backgrounds
All Text

Automatic Features:

Quick Toggle Solid Color or Picture

Special Features:

Design & Template Build

This template was designed knowing it would need a fair amount of versatility. Frames and effects were used for the most part to keep render times quick and avoid a lot of the expression linking. Luckily most of the text that needed to be adjusted could easily be linked to the image frames with little rigging. In the end, this busy open was able to be constructed with only a few moving parts and tons of controllable elements.

This series covers a wide range of topics so the introduction needed to present similar versatility. This template can quickly be adjusted to present a unique set of images and words with each video.



Everything can change...