Cleansing “Veri”

Clean Water

Animation & Motion Design


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You don’t need harsh chemicals to clean if you have “Veri” clean water. Oxidized water does more than just offer pure drinking water to you and your family. It can also cleanse and disinfect offering a safe way to clean that stuff you put in your mouth.

A mix of animation and photo cutouts made for a colorful look at the journey your food takes and the filth we can be exposed to. This project was aimed to inform viewers and bring about clean change The bright tone of the animation was an intentional reflection of that. VeriPure offers a clean solution to live a healthy and happy life and the visual narrative was designed to enlighten families not scare them into change.




Project Type:


My Role:

Animator, Creative

The Build

The journey we take through this animation is part of the story we wanted to convey. A lot of ground needed to be covered quite literally in this narrative. Exaggerated illustrations represent the scientific principles behind the process in a digestible way. Photo real representations of food were chosen to reinforce the reality of the concern being presented.








What this video needed was levity. An entertaining high-level presentation of a solution to a concern the general audience was unaware of. The goal was to inform but not shock the consumer into investigating deeper. VeriPure is an investment product, not an impulse purchase. The inviting light nature of the narrative aimed to encourage that interest.


The Result


Unaware Customer

Unknown Method



Build Curiosity


Avoiding Negative Tone

Shifting Narrative Focus


Presented a Fact Driven Storyline

Used Simple Representations

& an Upbeat Narrative Pace

VeriPure water is for the enthusiast, the health-continuous, and the family oriented. What resulted was bright animation that presented the facts and highlighted the science behind it without diving too deep into the details. An animation that didn't aim to shock the audience but rather inform them. 

The goal was to educate and inform and hopefully spark curiosity in the subject through approachable content. By building an understanding of the concerns we can better seek answers that provide the best benefit to ourselves and the ones close to us.



What we got...