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Character Animation & Style Design


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Sometimes you need a little humor to break through the tech talk. Originally designed as advertising gimmicks Dr. Bumpstick & DynoGirl are getting a promotion. The once-promotional sideshow is getting a new coat of paint and helping to share knowledge about new products and technical advancements at Enginetech.

The idea was to inject these old print ad characters into their growing online and social media education. Each character has their own unique style. Over-the-top backstories were devised and introductions were made.




Project Type:

Character Animation

My Role:

Animator & Creative Design

The Build

Taking these characters off the print ads and some creative upgrades were needed to rig these characters and bring them to life. The characters each were developed with quirks of their own to fit their new personalities. The characters were designed to be larger than life but the content they needed to present was grounded in reality. Stylized photos were used to fill the world around them and present a more realistic environment to operate in.








To drive interest and entertain as well as inform the characters needed to be more than just a gimmick. Their backstories and little oddities like mustache twitches and sporadic use of super speed gave these characters life. They could talk about products and issues in over-the-top ways to quickly share ideas and it wouldn't feel out of place in their world.


The Result


Outdated Character Marketing


Use Story-Driven information

New Character Development


Large Range of Topics

Product Based Messaging


Present Product Based
Episodes with New
Excentric Characters

A series was created to present these characters and the world they lived in. They could present new products, service issues, and competitive comparisons in a unique and entertaining way. Photo real props and stylized environments allow them to speak to detail and real-life topics.

The goal of these characters and this series was to develop a new entertaining way to quickly share ideas and products related to the Engintech line of parts. These episodes could present a range of topics in a way a typical video never could.



What we got...