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Recent years have brought the dangers of unseen threats to the forefront of everyday life. With dangers lurking around every corner what can we do to protect ourselves and our loved ones?

Enter BioShield from Hoffmaster’s line of paper products scientifically designed to defend against those microscopic threats. This project aimed to unravel the complexities of the product with a poignant but welcoming visual narrative. Shadows, tints, and the dark environment was contrasted with bright colors to offer a lively way to note this looming threat. Flamboyant animations and exaggerated scales let us have some fun with the science of the product. In the end, viewers are left with an understanding of the products and their applications. 




Project Type:


My Role:

Creative Direction, Animator

The Build

There was a seriousness to this subject and the customer knows all too well the danger of threats unseen. The animation plays on that tone early to set an ominous mood with sharp but energetic music and a rich dark color palette. Extreme contrast of scale and color is used throughout to represent both the threat and the relief the product can bring. A shift in color and a callback to the open are used at the end to highlight the changes.








This project was a direct play on contrast. With limitations on how the product could be described, we shifted focus to what it could provide, specifically protection. Dark vs light, bad vs good, and threat vs safety are all on display. Illustrating the danger lets us better highlight the relief a little protection brings.


The Result


New & Iminate Health Threats 


Visualize The Problem

Highlight Relief Options 


Product Claims vs Effect

Tool Not Answer


Focus On Feelings

Externalize Products Effects

The BioSheild line of products was not the answer to the threats illustrated but rather a tool to option to shield against them. Sharp contrast and exaggerated animations represent the relief a little protection can bring. Piece of mind, as you conduct your daily activities, can feel like that light shining through the darkness.

The goal of the project was to illustrate that feeling of relief, peace of mind, and safety. Threats are always present but sometimes we forget that we don't simply have to live with them. This animation shows for every threat there is a shield to offer some relief against it.



What we got...